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Semble’s Hospital Booking Form feature is here!

Require additional forms?

For the initial release of Hospital Booking Forms, the two most requested hospital groups were One Welbeck and London-based HCA Healthcare UK. We will be adding more forms to the library over time.

If you require additional forms to be expedited, we provide a priority service.
Please note that all forms are added to the Hospital Booking Forms library, if you request bespoke forms they will be visible to all Semble clients.

Semble provides a priority form creation service
Costs start at £149 + VAT per form template.
If you’d like to use this service, simply fill in your details below and attach your forms. If you have more than 5, you can submit the form a second time.
Please note that the only forms that can be expedited are procedure-based forms such as imaging requests, surgery bookings, and endoscopy.
*At this time we will not be able to create pathology request forms 

Let’s improve healthcare together with Semble!